Clubbell Yoga

As the founder of Clubbell Yoga, a cutting edge training technique practiced around the globe, I have worked with advanced yoga practitioners, high level athletes and everyone in between. I soon realized that the people who dedicated themselves to the Clubbell Yoga practice started to see not only their physical bodies transform... but their mental bodies as well. This is due to the fact that the body and mind are inextricably linked, and that Clubbell Yoga taps into this ancient wisdom in a very powerful way.

ShapeShifter Yoga

Introducing the breakthrough program that gets you back to the body and mind you love and need! Low impact and it works! Now, chances are you may not think of yoga as “real” exercise. Maybe you think it’s simply stretching… holding what may seem like awkward poses… or humming “om”.

But there’s so much more to yoga. That’s why I want to get the word out to as many people as possible about the amazing body-shaping and life-transforming benefits it can offer you.

Yoga Burn

These state of the art ebooks can be downloaded instantly and will give you instant gratification which means you will begin to get MORE from your Yoga Experience. Introduction to Yoga Techniques, Lessons In Yoga Exercises, and Advanced Yoga Techniques is available for one low price of only $37.00. Or, enjoy Yoga Made Easy and Yoga For Weight Loss, which are sold separately.