Kelly Kamm - Patanjali (30 mins) - Level 1/2


Our hearts are spacious enough to hold the agony and the ecstasy. Kelly tells the tale of the creation of Patanjali and his gift to Shiva, as we find space in the legs, hips, and side body in Anantasana, Sphinx, and Half Saddle. You will feel spacious and wholehearted.

Rosemary Garrison - Welcome to Season 10 (1 mins) - Level Suitable for All


Rosemary welcomes us to Season 10 of 30 Minute Yoga Flows. This season, we follow the chakras to a new way of experiencing a rooted, joyful, and embodied yoga practice. These short classes are aimed at grounding and building strength as well as creating a sense of dynamic play and fluidity. They build heat and cultivate fire while supporting a wide open heart and a clear mind.

Rosemary Garrison - Foundational Flow (30 mins) - Level 2


Connect to the foundational support of the Earth in this grounding flow inspired by the Root Chakra. We meet our sticky spots in the hips and legs while moving through a creative sequence of lunges, standing splits, and balance poses, before settling into hip openers. You will feel spacious, stable, and buoyant.

Rosemary Garrison - Spiral Flow (30 mins) - Level 2


Create heat, build strength, and make space in the body in this fun fluid flow that will energize your 2nd chakra. We move dynamically through hip openers, twists, and standing poses, leaving you feeling playful and invigorated.

Kelly Kamm - Dhumavati (30 mins) - Level 1


Focus on what we gain as we age rather than what we lose. Kelly shares some simple tools to feel more confident and mobile as we age, and more grateful for our earned wisdom. We move easefully and playfully making space in the lungs and in our bodies, as Kelly tells us about Dhumavati, the Hindu goddess who honors wisdom, disappointment, and old age. You will feel spry, free, and fluid in your body.

Sarah Beston - Fluid Hip Flow (20 mins) - Level 1/2


In this fluid, watery flow, we focus on transitions and hip openers while inviting in a fresh sense of ease and calm to the body, mind, and heart. You will feel supple and held.

Kelly Kamm - Artemis (30 mins) - Level 1


There is power in being different, in asking for what you want, and in appreciating your own wildness. We start with a few Yang poses to express the fierceness of the Greek goddess Artemis, before moving into animal and moon Yin shapes honoring the things most beloved of the Wild Woman of the Forest. You will feel supple, bright, and free.

Sarah Beston - Energizing Morning (20 mins) - Level 2


Work out the morning tight spots in this energizing flow that will leave you feeling alive, awake, and motivated.

Kelly Kamm - Akhilandeshwari (30 mins) - Level 2


The friction and grit we find in the dark times of our lives help us grow and transform. In this creative hip focused sequence we work our way towards Frog pose while hearing about the goddess Akhilandeshwari, who's name means "Never Not Broken". You will feel vast, courageous, and open to magic and possibility.

Sarah Beston - Intuitive Flow (20 mins) - Level 2


Explore opening and strengthening the shoulders, while playing into some balancing postures. You will feel intuitive and aware.

Kelly Kamm - Welcome to Season 2 (1 mins) - Level Suitable for All


Kelly welcomes us to Season 2 of Yin Yoga and Mythology. This season, we explore creative movement and simmer in Yin poses as we sink into ancient stories of India, China, Persia, and Europe. Every practice is adaptable for all levels, simple enough for the brand new beginner and dotted with surprises for the seasoned practitioner. These revitalizing and inspiring classes will soften your hips, shoulders, and back, and help you feel spacious enough to hold all of the complex moods of the heart, giving you courage to face the challenges in life.

Kelly Kamm - Beethoven (25 mins) - Level 1


Even in the darkest times, there is potential for joy. Loosen your spine and hips and use your senses in new ways as Kelly tells the story of how in a time of his greatest adversity Beethoven composed one of his greatest works, the symphony "Ode to Joy". You will feel uplifted and inspired.

Kelly Kamm - Avalokiteshvara and Tara (25 mins) - Level 1/2


Sometimes we fall apart so that we can come together stronger. Listen to the story of Avalokitesvara, whose tears gave birth to the goddess Tara, while finding space in the legs, hips, and spine. You will feel a greater sense of compassion towards your self and others.

Sarah Beston - Trust the Process (20 mins) - Level 2


In this throat-chakra focused sequence, we find space in the chest, heart space, and throat. You will feel able to listen more fully and communicate more clearly.

Angel Brownlee - Joy (30 mins) - Level 1


Joy is our natural state. This class will invite you to tap into the stable, unchanging presence of joy that lies within the heart of every human being. We explore mudras, tapping, and a few poses that help us drop into the belly, let our inhibitions go, and feel joyful.

Sarah Beston - Lead with Your Heart (20 mins) - Level 2


In this heart-opening vinyasa flow practice, we bring special awareness to the heart space while allowing our breath to blossom with each gesture. You will feel open and tender.

Quamay Sams - Welcome to Mindfulness in Motion (1 mins) - Level Suitable for All


Quamay welcomes us to the Mindfulness in Motion 10-Day Yoga Challenge. When we focus our minds into our bodies, we can unlock a new perspective within this amazing human experience. Throughout the next 10 days, we invite our attention into the structure and function of different regions of our body as a means of captivating our mind. In these short, simple, but deep practices, we move from our feet into the pelvis, through our low back and up into the neck and shoulders. At the end of this challenge, you will feel grounded, present, and inspired.

Quamay Sams - Day 1- Ground Your Foundation (30 mins) - Level 2


Welcome to Day 1 of your Challenge! Today, Quamay leads a playful class to ground our awareness in the feet, the foundation of the body. We take a few moments to feel different areas of the feet light up with effort, and create a stable and lifting foundation for all of our poses. We carry that awareness through a creative, warming sequence, feeling strong and relaxed in our flow. You will bring this sense of rootedness, stability, and grounding to the rest of your challenge.

Quamay Sams - Day 2- Root and Support (30 mins) - Level 2


In Day 2, we focus the mind on the muscles of the backs and fronts of the legs, which provide support to the hips. We create length and strength to these areas of the body through Pyramid, balance postures, and variations of Lizard, before exploring splits. After this fun class you will feel strong and uplifted.

Quamay Sams - Day 3- Lengthen and Stabilize (30 mins) - Level 2


In Day 3 of our challenge, we bring mindfulness to the muscles of the inner and outer legs, which in our modern sedentary lives often become shortened, leading to discomfort. This sequence flows through familiar standing poses and mobility work, offering relief and rebalancing to the muscles of the legs and hips. You will feel soft and stable.

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