Sadia Bruce - Move In Service to the Breath (50 mins) - Level 1/2


Create a shift and revolution from the inside. Sadia leads a practice to help us experience side body release and increase upper back mobility. We gently open the body in familiar poses and “slow motion” lunge salutes, bloom into those openings in mindful standing sequences, and play into Twisted Lunge. You will feel calm and expansive.

Kara Looney - Purify and Detoxify (60 mins) - Level 1/2


The practice is about coming to know yourself more as an observer bearing witness.  Kara leads a practice to purifying our bodies, particularly the 2nd chakra connected to the kidneys. After our spinal warmups, we begin a kriya set to detoxify our organs, oxygenate our blood, move energy, and clear the mind of chatter. We chant Ong Kar to release the Throat chakra, and enjoy sound healing as we settle into Savasana. You will feel radiant and renewed.

Alana Mitnick - Gentle Unwinding (50 mins) - Level 1


Alana guides a gentle restorative practice to help us find space and ease in the whole body. We arrive in our practice in Bhadda Konasana, explore dynamic leg movements to create mobility in the hip joints and increase circulation, and open into forward folds and easeful spinal twists before melting into our final Savasana. You will feel grounded, centered, and revitalized.

Lydia Zamorano - Pigeon Flow (60 mins) - Level 2/3


Have faith that your hard work is going to work for you. Lydia leads a vigorous, fluid class focused on finding space in the hips and moving with self-compassion. We warm the body in Side Plank variations and standing flows with arm balance options in preparation for our peak pose, Eka Pada Rajkapotasana (One-Legged King Pigeon). Then we move into a back strengthening and bending sequence, preparing the core to support our work lifting into Wheel. We cool down in soft twists and forward bends before a brief viloma pranayama practice. You will feel relaxed, whole, and supported.

Wade Gotwals - Celebrate Spaciousness (60 mins) - Level 2


Celebrate the feeling of space and expansion. Wade leads a spicy practice working on the long side of the mat to find freedom and openness in the body. We move dynamically in Boat pose to engage the core, flow through standing sequences pausing to explore space in the hips, legs, shoulders, and side body, and play into an optional arm balance before cooling down with Bridge, soft twists, and a releasing Savasana. You will feel energized and refreshed.

Allison Ray Jeraci - Rockstar (30 mins) - Level 2


Rock this fun and challenging back-bending arm balance, Rockstar. Allison starts our journey supine, opening the front body, warming up the arms and shoulders, and drawing on the strength of the legs, hamstrings, and hips. We support our lift into the pose with props.

James Boag - Yoga as Integration (Custom mins) - Level Suitable for All


Yoga is a time-proven manual for life.  We join James for a discussion centered around how the ancient teachings of yoga can help us move from fragmentation to wholeness of our entire being. To assist in our pursuit of this elusive goal, James recounts the Myth of Future Happiness, touches on the Yoga Sutras, and introduces the text of the Bhagavad Gita as the setting of this life-long struggle for personal peace, harmony, and integration. You will feel inspired and eager along your own personal journey.

Sadia Bruce - Strength in Receptivity (60 mins) - Level 1/2


Opening the front body is a show of receptivity and vulnerability requiring tremendous strength and clarity of engagement. Sadia leads a mindful class to connect to breath, find spaciousness in the chest, and strengthen the upper back. We move fluidly through Sun Breaths, gentle floor sequences, and standing flows, pausing to deepen into the shoulders and upper body, and play into variations of supported Ustrasana (Camel Pose). You will feel soft, supple, and clear.

Kara Looney - Grounded in the Higher Self (55 mins) - Level 1/2


Move energy throughout the body to create transformation within the whole being. Kara leads a practice to open and release tension in the lower 3 chakras. We begin seated warming up the central energy channel of the spine. Our Kriya set employs movement, breath work, and chanting to clear out feelings of instability and insecurity, as well as release creativity and identity blocks. We close in a seated meditation and pranayama practice tapping into a sense of gratitude and love. You will feel grounded, supported, and effervescent.

Alana Mitnick - Gentle Flow (45 mins) - Level 1


Join Alana for a slow, mindful full-body flow to help you meet your day with energy and ease. We begin standing finding space in the shoulders and length in the spine. We move into lunge salutes and familiar standing postures, play into gentle backbends, and soften into twists. You will feel inspired and uplifted.

Lydia Zamorano - Strong Legs, Clear Mind (60 mins) - Level 2/3


Strengthen your foundation to ground the body and the mind. Join Lydia for an invigorating leg and hip strengthening practice. We begin finding “earth breath”, then warm into a Lunge Flow with Warrior 3 variations, challenge the balance in standing sequences, and find space in the legs and hips in long seated stretches. We play into Bow pose and close in seated pranayama before settling into Savasana. You will feel strong, supple, and energized.

Wade Gotwals - High-Low Flow (60 mins) - Level 2


Let there be joy. Wade leads us in an energizing practice focused on cultivating joy. Together we warm the core in Forearm Plank and Boat Pose, find space in the spine in twists, and strengthen and open the hamstrings in Half Moon Twist, Pyramid, and a Standing Split sequence. We play towards opening the shoulders and hips in Gomukasana, before closing with an expansive Camel and Fish Pose. You will feel uplifted and invigorated.

Allison Ray Jeraci - Partridge Pose (30 mins) - Level 2


Move safely and progressively towards Partridge Pose (Kapinjalasana). This pose offers both arm balance and back bend properties, so we work to open the front body, strengthen the back, and stabilize the legs, hips, and shoulders as we explore this pose with supportive props.

Gil Hedley - Fascia and Healthy Movement (15 mins) - Level N/A


Gil begins by introducing us to the role that fascia plays in healthy movement. We look at three elements of the fascial system—hypodermis (superficial), filmy, and deep (dense) fascia. This video was filmed and produced by Gil Hedley. It includes videos and photos of dissections of cadavers (embalmed human donors). You can visit his website for more information about his workshops.

Alana Mitnick - Stretch Your Back (45 mins) - Level 1


Find relief and increase mobility in the back body in this gentle and effective stretching class. After we warm the spine and the core, we use the strap to help find opening in the hamstrings and IT bands, explore back bending in Salabhasana, move fluidly through lunges finding space in the legs, and release the hips and back in Supine Figure 4 stretch. You will feel open and settled.

Allison Ray Jeraci - Flying Splits Tutorial (5 mins) - Level 2


In this short tutorial we play with a supported transition from Fallen Triangle towards Eka Pada Koundinyasana (Flying Splits).

Allison Ray Jeraci - Fallen Triangle (25 mins) - Level 2


Allison guides us to Fallen Triangle, another variation of Side Plank. Challenge your strength, balance, and stability as we work through the elements of this pose first lying on the mat, through standing poses, and working into the full expression of the arm balance. Allison also offers a more accessible supported version to help explore this pose progressively.

Alana Mitnick - Spacious Hips (45 mins) - Level 1


Alana leads a practice to help us find space and mobility in our hips. We begin articulating the spine in supine Cat Cow rolls, move into seated twists and side body opening, explore the hip joints in standing poses, and combine the elements of our practice into a gentle Tree Pose. You will feel stable and centered.

Allison Ray Jeraci - Superwoman Tutorial (5 mins) - Level 1


In this short tutorial, Allison helps us learn how to use props to fit the needs of our bodies. Depending on each of our unique proportions, we may need more, fewer, or different props in order to feel supported so that we can experience correct alignment while we continue exploring our arm balances.

Allison Ray Jeraci - Side Plank with Toe Lock (30 mins) - Level 1/2


Progress your Vasisthasana by adding a Toe Lock. Allison leads a careful practice first exploring the components of this pose in supine and familiar standing postures, working on balance and strength but removing the challenge of gravity. Our Vasisthasana with Toe Lock is supported by 2 blocks and a blanket.

Yoga for Detox


Poses to help you cleanse

From reading the celebrity rags, you may think that detox is something you do by either checking into a cushy rehabilitation facility or consuming nothing but liquids for 21 days. It seems either overly arduous or something only the rich and idle have time to do. But your body is designed to engage in detoxification every day.

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