Kara Looney - Self-Healing for the Brain (30 mins) - Level 1/2


Kirtan Kriya improves cognition, helps regain focus and clarity, and brings overall healing to the brain. This kriya, which combines mantra and moving mudra, has been proven through many research findings to benefit diseases and dysfunctions related to the brain by activating the cerebral lobes, balancing the hemispheres, and increasing blood flow to the brain. You will feel clear, relaxed, and aware.

Alana Mitnick - Prenatal Flow for Energy (40 mins) - Level 1/2


Alana leads a prenatal flow for days when you want to move, building energy and circulation throughout the body. We flow slowly through modified Sun Salutes, standing poses, and lunges, honoring your unique rhythm and creating space for your baby. You will feel fluid, energized, and grounded in presence. 

Ali Cramer - Saturn- Change Perspective (25 mins) - Level 2/3


Looking at our challenges with a different perspective helps us see the lessons they offer. Ali leads a dynamic class to change our perspective and help us call on the energy of the Planet of Lessons. We move through standing sequences to open the body, strengthen the core, and sharpen our focus in preparation for Headstand. You will feel centered, balanced, and inspired. Please see the attached pdf for a breakdown of the planetary aspects.

Kara Looney - Raise Your Vibration (30 mins) - Level 1/2


Kara guides a class to raise our vibrational frequency and shift us out of depressive and anxious states of mind. Ego Eradicator brings balance to the Ego so that it can be in service of the higher Self, Bridge Lifts clear blocks in the lower chakra triangle, and Sat Kriya moves prana up the central energy channel. You will feel uplifted and effervescent.

Alana Mitnick - Gentle Prenatal Flow (20 mins) - Level 1


This short, gentle flow explores variations of Sun Salutes and standing poses to create energy, finding space and relief in your whole body. You will feel rejuvenated, refreshed, and easeful.

Ali Cramer - Venus- Creative Energy (30 mins) - Level 2


When we try things a little bit differently, it sets a new course - that’s creativity. This sweet, watery flow restores a sense of abundance and creativity when you are feeling stuck or uninspired. We begin calling in the energy of Venus with our mantra and mudra practice, open the shoulders, neck, and side body, and move through a fluid standing sequence finding space in the legs and hips, adding in a few dynamic surprises to release patterns. We close in a yin shape to soften the body and mind and let go of any gripping. You will feel light, loose, and relaxed. Please see the attached pdf for a breakdown of the planetary aspects.

Kara Looney - Glandular Activation (30 mins) - Level 1/2


This cerebral refresh class activates the glands in the brain and resets it’s neuro-chemical balance. Our kriya set stimulates the electromagnetic field around the heart and the brain, and activates the 6th and 7th chakras and the third eye to create optimal physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual harmony. You will feel renewed, youthful, and energized.

Alana Mitnick - Supported Strength (25 mins) - Level 1


Alana leads a class to help us cultivate balance and stability with the support of a chair. This practice is great to do if you have hand or wrist swelling or sensitivity as we’ll bear little weight in the hands in this sequence. We move through standing and seated poses to find space in the legs and hips, tapping into our inner strength. You will feel strong, confident, and balanced. 

Ali Cramer - Jupiter- Inner Teacher (25 mins) - Level 2


One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is to find what works for us, and really honor our inner teacher. Call in the energy of the Guru Planet to connect to your inner teacher in this dynamic flow class. Ali leads an opening practice with the Jupiter mantra and Mudra of Highest Enlightenment. We move through hip opening Sun Salutes into challenging standing poses, bring attention to the core, and bow in offering in forward folds before final meditation. You will feel warm, connected, and serene. Please see the attached pdf for a breakdown of the planetary aspects.

Kara Looney - Welcome to Season 3 (1 mins) - Level Suitable for All


Kara welcomes us to Season 3 of Kundalini Rising. In Season 3, we focus on bringing healing and restoration to the brain and nervous system, working toward clearing mental fog which impedes our ability to express ourselves authentically. We explore kriyas, mantras, and meditations to clear subconscious blocks, enhance mental creativity, and reduce stress and anxiety. You will feel refreshed and renewed, with improved clarity and expanded awareness.

Kara Looney - Brain Balancer (25 mins) - Level 1/2


This powerful brain balancing set will help oxygenate the brain, bring balance to the right and left hemispheres, activate the pineal gland, and relieve memory loss. It is a great class to do when you have anything coming up in your life that requires a great deal of focus. After our opening mantras, we start our spinal warm ups to relieve tension in the back, move the prana, and open energy channels in the body. Our 3-part kriya set uses movement, breath work, and mudra to reset hormone levels and bring clarity to mind. You will feel refreshed and clear-headed.

Kara Looney - Overcoming Limitations (30 mins) - Level 1/2


Kara leads a class to overcome mental limitations and restore confidence and courageousness. We explore Sat Kriya, breath of fire, and energetic movements to open the 3rd, 4th, and 5th chakras, move energy up the central channel, and clear mental blocks and self-doubt. You will feel empowered and self-assured.

Alana Mitnick - Welcome to Season 1 (1 mins) - Level Suitable for All


Alana welcomes us to Season 1 of Prenatal Yoga. This season, we explore energizing sun salutations, strengthening standing poses, and gentle movement, modifying as we go to make space for your growing body and baby. The breath is an essential part of each practice, nourishing us from the within. You will feel more supported and connected, tapping into your powerful flow of energy and embodied wisdom.

Alana Mitnick - Breathing for Pregnancy and Birth (15 mins) - Level Suitable for All


Alana guides us through a mindful breathing practice to help draw our awareness inward towards sensation. We explore feeling and sensing the breath in the nostrils, upper chest, and ribs, finally resting our attention in the belly as we connect with our babies. You will feel softly tuned into the present.

Alana Mitnick - Relief and Spaciousness in the Hips (35 mins) - Level 1


This class will help ease tension and find space in the pelvis, hips, legs, and lower back, and is appropriate for all stages of pregnancy. We move mindfully through spinal warmups, lunges, and prone poses with the support of props and gently explore abdominal strength, before closing in a sweet restorative side-lying pose. You will feel a sense of spaciousness and relief.

Ali Cramer - Mercury- Communicate (30 mins) - Level 2


Use the breath to uncover a little bit more space, the element of ether. This class opens the shoulders, neck, and 5th chakra, connects us to the element of ether, and is great to do if you have an upcoming presentation or difficult conversation. Our opening mantra and mudra practice calls in the energy of the Messenger Planet. We move through a vinyasa sequence warming into twisting, lungeing, and balancing poses, bloom into Rockstar, enjoy sweet hip opening, and close in Matsyasana. You will feel stable, clear, and open. Please see the attached pdf for a breakdown of the planetary aspects.

Ali Cramer - Mars- Stoke the Power (25 mins) - Level 2/3


Infuse the shapes with the energy that feels like medicine today. Ali leads a strong practice to stoke the Pitta fire of the Red Planet. After we charge the Mars energy with mudra and chant, we warm and prepare the core and back body, move through a Lunge sequence into Crow Pose challenging strength and balance, tap into the sense of sight to find steadiness, and explore Headstand from Crow. You will feel strong, light, and focused. Please see the attached pdf for a breakdown of the planetary aspects.

Sadia Bruce - Welcome to On the Verge (1 mins) - Level Suitable for All


Sadia welcomes us to On the Verge, A 10-Day Yoga Challenge. As emotional beings, we are always on the verge of something, from wild ecstasy to deep grief, arrival to departure, and anything in between. In this challenge we explore 30-minute energizing hatha-vinyasa practices designed to cultivate 10 qualities that support whatever wants to emerge in and through you. You will breathe, build strength, and experience a felt-sense of intimacy, inner stability, joy, and wholeness. 

Sadia Bruce - Day 1- Ground (30 mins) - Level 1/2


This is homebase. We begin our challenge with a grounding practice to help you find center, develop a sense of sure-footedness, and establish conditions for takeoff and readiness for the wild terrain ahead. We move through modified Sun Salutes to find space in the body and connect to the breath, ground into the hips and legs in squats, Goddess Pose, and Skandasana, connect to the core in seated poses, and rest in a restorative posture to open the front body. You will discover a sense of presence and rootedness.

Sadia Bruce - Day 2- Fire (30 mins) - Level 2/3


Often we stoke the fire, but forget to gaze at the flames…feel them and experience them. In Day 2, we drop into a dynamic vinyasa practice to reignite the fire within. We access the warming of Sun Salutes and the strength and stability of standing sequences to prepare us for playing into Half Moon and exploring an arm balance. As we move to the floor we find space in the heart in Danurasana and cool into forward folds. You will feel bright, strong, and courageous.

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