Foam Roller Uses and Benefits - Top Reasons Why You Should Buy Foam Rollers Now

The foam roller may look simple at first glance, but in reality, this firm cylindrical log that is six inches in diameter can deliver a lot of wonders. It is generally use as an additional equipment for several forms of exercises, self-massages and physical therapy sessions. It can vary from 12 to 36 inches long and can either half round or full round in forms. The half round is for beginners and the latter is usually for more advanced users. This device is lightweight, inexpensive and versatile that is why, it has now become ubiquitous in every athletic training room and strength and conditioning facilities.

Here are its uses and purposes:

Balance training

Simply standing up on the foam roller to achieve balance is a great challenge for those who are into balance training. The surface is unstable so it can pose challenge but at the same time, leads the individuals to conscious awareness of his body and promotion of spinal alignment. For those who are starting out, it's advisable to use the half-round first for this purpose and then graduate on to the full one, once they are ready.

Self-Massages / Self-myofascial release

Using the foam roller can help stretch the muscles and tendons and break down soft tissue especially after a strenuous workout. Using your own body weight against the foam roller can help soothe the tightened tissues(fascia) and increase blood follow and circulation.

Yoga and Pilates

The foam roller also has become a favorite additional tool for yoga and pilates instructor as it can amp up the session for additional benefits. Some yoga poses and pilates workouts has been aided with this simple tool to further enhance the sessions.

Stretching and Flexibility.

This tool can be a sturdy base for simple stretching such as bending, pulling and pushing exercises, adding innovation and additional benefits to the routine. Simple stretches can become more exciting with the addition of this tool.

Core Strength and Posture Improvement

Using foam roller exercises that develop the core muscles can aid a lot in improving one's posture. If the core area is developed,it can strength and stabilize the spine, thereby providing over all body support. It is therefore important to work around towards improving the core area so achieve general strength and stability Aside from all these benefits mentioned above, foam rollers are mainly use for physical therapy sessions and therapeutic exercises. They can also be used for golf-swing practices.